July 4th Layered Drink – What could be more patriotic than this gorgeously layered red, white, and blue drink? While the ingredients have all the makings for a mocktail, simply add in a splash of vodka to transform it into a delicious cocktail!

Red, White and Blue Sangria – An American twist on a classic summer drink, this would be a perfect accompaniment to a backyard BBQ. The addition of fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries bring forward colors reminiscent of the American flag. And where does the white come from, you ask? Why, the white wine that’s added to it, of course!

THE Fourth of July Cocktail – Yes, there’s an actual July 4th cocktail, perfect for sipping on while you watch fireworks burst in the sky. Watermelon schnapps, cranberry juice, blue curacao and tequila all combine for a refreshingly patriotic beverage.

Roman Candle – This is one of those cocktails that will have people oohing and ahhing at how pretty it is to look at. Like many of the other red, white and blue cocktails this one uses blue curacao, berry-flavored vodka, cranberry juice and just a dash of grenadine. Yum!

Pop Rocks Rimmed Cocktail – Who doesn’t have fond memories of pouring Pop Rocks into their mouths as a kid and listening to the satisfying crunch of the “explosions”? Well bring the fireworks into the drinks with this awesome Pop Rocks rimmed cocktail!  It’s as fun as it is pretty!

Have a Happy (and safe) Fourth of July everyone! Cheers!

– Esther Carlstone

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