So, you’re throwing a 4th of July shindig. You’ve got your grilling recipes, sparklers, festive outfit, and cocktail list in order. All that’s left are the decorations!

Some of you may groan thinking about the time and money decorations can consume. Thanks to I am about to show you how to create a red, white, and blue wonderland in minimal time and with few finances.

Starry Paper Lanterns


White glue


Tissue paper

Crepe paper


Chinese lanterns


Fold tissue paper like an accordion several layers high. Punch through layers with a star punch.

Mix 1 part white glue with 1 part water.

Brush glue mixture on the lantern and attach stars. Create a cascading look, like a firework, by placing more stars closer together at the top of the lantern and less stars father apart at the bottom. Brush more of the glue mixture on top of the stars to create a stronger hold.

Twist a single 24-inch strip of crepe paper around the bottom wire of the lantern.

Hang the lanterns outside with twinkle lights!

Firework Centerpieces


3-by-15 inch piece of vellum


Double-sides tape

Bamboo skewer


Fold the 3-by-15 inch pieces of vellum in half twice lengthwise.

Cut a slit ever 1/8 inch. Leave one inch at the top uncut.

Unfold the paper and attach a 1-inch piece of double-sided tape to one of the uncut corners. Use the other side of the tape to attach the firework to the bamboo skewer.

Wrap the paper around several times to secure. Once you reach the other end, finish with another piece of double stick take.

Then, use your scissor blade like you would to curl a ribbon to curl the lower strips.

Submerges the firework skewers in jars or vases filled with sand and place on tables.


-Emily Freeman

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