We all know that private sales websites, and websites like Groupon and Living Social are fantastic ways to save some serious dough. But what about a group deal site that is not only a way to save cash, but also one to help local businesses or one that finds deals especially geared for moms and families? Possibly my favorite part, the fact that the employees are also moms. It’s truly a business by moms for moms. It is completely free to join, and they offer new deals everyday. You will discover deals for places to take the family on an adventure, places to play, places to eat, and even the special treat for us moms.

Sound amazing? I am talking about Plum District. The one and only group deal site made for moms. As moms we need all the support we can get, so I whole heartedly love a company that loves us back. Plum District isn’t completely represented in all areas just yet, but they do offer online deals that can be used anywhere. And, they are expanding fast! Some of the deals I found while exploring their website just today include:

  • $10 for $20 to spend at diapers.com (hello half off diapers!)
  • $39 for Refresh Face Serum ($159 value)
  • $30 for $60 to spend at grUVywear (I am all about protecting the kids from sun burns!)


I am in no way endorsed by Plum District, I just think they are a fantastic company! And I think you will love them too! Check them out and discover all the money you can save on things for your family!


-Stephanie Wright

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