SONY DSCI’m always dying to do something new with my hair, and summer seems like the perfect time to experiment. Here are five summer hairstyles that not only look chic, but are easy to execute as well.

A low bun – The ultimate in easy, breezy summer style, the low bun is simple to execute and comes in various iterations. Go super sleek by using products and making sure there are no flyaways, or go California casual by simple just twisting your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck and let the hair fall out where it may – it adds to the bohemian loveliness of the look.

Braids, braids, and more braids – From side braids, to Grecian-style braids, these are a quick and easy way to a) sweep up messy beach hair and b) make an adorable fashion statement. Check out some tutorials HERE and HERE.

Beachy waves – Summer after summer, the carelessly tousled waves made famous by stars like Gisele Bundchen and Kate Hudson never seem to go out of style. There are tons of products out there right now to fake the beachy waves, or wrap pieces of your hair around a curling iron (without actually opening the iron), for a minute at a time. This hairstyle is especially awesome since it works better with second-day hair.

Short and edgy – Think Anne Hathaway, Carey Mulligan or Ginnifer Goodwin. Chopping all your hair off may require some strength (and maybe a cocktail or two), but the end results can be oh-so fabulous. Plus, it’s that much less hair to have to maintain in the heat of the summer. Long hair + sweat & humidity = no fun.

Sleek and straight – ┬áIf Gwyneth Paltrow had a signature hairstyle, this would be it. And this summer, sleek is hot. This style will require a bit of commitment on your part since few of us have naturally straight and shiny hair, but with the help of a few products and a straightener (or an amazing blow-out), this one’s a no brainer.

– Esther Carlstone


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