blue eyeshadow
Blue is the loveliest color.

On most of the spring/summer runways this year, the look has been all about bright, funky hues. You could rock them as boldly as they appeared at Fashion Week, or simply incorporate a hint of the trend when you head out with friends. Even the hair is pretty hip — “air-dried” and free-flowing. Or if it’s pulled back and up, the knot (or bun) isn’t immaculate. It’s premeditated messy. Fun, even — if you add an accessory, those are trending too! A little something to match the eyes and lips, simple and sweet for springtime. Dressed up or down, spring is the season of change and Weekly Sauce has got you covered on this quarter’s beauty trends.

Bold Lips

Bright lips were everywhere on the runways for this season. Shades of tangerine, red, and fuchsia were muted in matte and paired with highlighted facial features. Fresh faces and bold lips. Easy enough. Our pick: Butter London LIPPY Moisture Matte Lipstick [$22]

Rose-y Outlook

This pretty shade still works on eyes and lips this spring — from the lightest in the color wheel to something deeper like mauve. This look would be gorgeous coupled with a floaty dress for an afternoon lunch date. Our pick: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Elegant Accent [$23]

The Bluest Eye

Only for the most daring fashionista — blue eyeshadow requires ultimate confidence. This shade works best when a creamy formula is used. From cerulean to sapphire, this look ought to be saved for an evening out if you want to make a statement, but if you’re one of those daring girls we mentioned earlier, you just may be able to pull this off on a sunny day. Just because. Our pick: Aqua Make Up For Ever [$23]

Air It Out

The running joke in beauty circles is the amount of work and premium products it takes to “look natural.” The same thing applies to this season’s trend of “air-dried” tresses. Be sure to use hydrating mousse if your hair is naturally straight, then braid it up and clip it into a bun as it dries to give it volume. For kinky-curly hair, use a deep conditioner and a curl cream while the hair is wet to hold the wave pattern as it dries. Our pick: Rusk Mousse Volumizing Mousse [$18.00]


Take a trip down memory lane with us, won’t you? Back to junior high, when we put glitter on our lips by way of those flavored rollerball glosses. Or applying it to our arms and faces for special school dances. Now, glitter is back again — for grown-ups. Try it this season on your nails and eyelids, particularly within the crease of the eye. First, apply a liquid glitter. Second, follow up with loose glitter with a complementary shade serving as the base over the lid itself. Stunning! Our pick: Urban Decay Moondust Shadow [$21]


French manicures are super classic, and depending on the circle you ask or hang out with, that’s either a good or bad thing. Clean and basic — these are the typical go-to for preppy sorority girls and soccer moms. But this season features the remixed version of the mani. Whether you do them with colored tips as we’ve seen in the past or colored tips and a contrasting line along the cuticles, put your own twist on this tried-and-true manicure. Our pick: MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish [$18]

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