bar friendsI like to think of myself as a girly girl with an edge. I love flowers, candy, lace, the color pink, cupcakes and romance, but I also love whiskey, rock shows, spiked shoes, and Doc Martens.

The variation of these interests keep my life fun, and allow me to meet and befriend all types of people.

Just like anyone else, I love a girls night out, and try to do happy hour with my ladies a couple of times a month, if not more. There is something about good drinks, small plates of food, and a bit of harmless gossip that keeps my soul happy.

Now, when I think of GNO, most of the time it means small dresses, high heels, and heading to a martini bar a-la Sex In The City, but sometimes a different kind of girls night is necessary.

Why not put on my skinny jeans, grey patent leather Doc Martens, a sexy top and some studded jewelry, grab a group of my girlfriends, head to a dive bar with cigars in hand and buy tickets for a rock show?

Sure, I’ve had plenty of nights like this before, but the idea of dubbing it an official girls night sans stilettos and pink drinks feels empowering.

Living in Los Angeles allows for plenty of rock shows at pretty awesome venues, but even if you don’t reside in the City of Angels, you can still find a local band to support. Nobody is going to complain about a group hot women showing up to rock out to their music.

There are only three rules to this girls night: no fruity drinks, incorporate leather if you can, and don’t do whatever you want, no apologies.

Alright, we’re off to cut up a rock-tee and text our girls to schedule a night out. You in?

– Sasha Huff

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