iStock_whiskA couple of weeks ago, I asked my friends for some story inspiration. They’d seemed to really be taking to the different pieces I was writing for Weekly Sauce, and I wanted to get an idea of other things they enjoyed reading. Having been a personal blogger prior to this, it seemed that a lot of people wanted me to give more tips on baking, since I’d focused on that topic in the past.

With that, I’ve decided to give away some Baking 101 tips for those who are just starting to experiment with the craft.

I was lucky enough to be raised by an avid baker. While my mom also is a great cook, she’s pretty much known for all the delicious and beautiful treats she’s made over the years. Her baklava is to die for, she makes a mean whoopie pie, and her adorable cookies and cupcakes she makes for friend’s parties are something I hear about on a weekly basis. She is wildly talented, and after MANY years of failing, I’ve finally found my groove in the baking world.

A lot of people seem to think baking is something you are either good at, or just can’t do, and I understand the frustration. But you can do it with the right tools! I promise!

It truly is a science, and being 100% on point with measurements is what makes the difference between a delicious chocolate chip cookie, and one that crumbles and tastes like flour.

With that being said, here are the essentials you will need to create any baked good.

We realize that is a long list of tools, but you’re meant to slowly accumulate them over time. The measuring/mixing tools and the pans to put your baked goods in are truly the most important when getting started.

Now go get baking, and let us know how everything worked out!

-Sasha Huff



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