How many of you are spending Valentine’s Day at home, rather than at some restaurant that will charge you 10x’s the normal price?  I figured it would be most of you, so it’s good to see that I’m in the majority!  I am not a lover of Valentine’s Day, but I also don’t like to see this day go by unnoticed- after all it is the anniversary of my engagement.  My husband and I don’t do anything over the top, so there are no extravagant gifts or meals but we do make it special in our own ways.  Here are some of my tips to make your evening at home extra special.

Break out the good china and stemware!

Prepare a special meal that you have been meaning to make…even if it is meatloaf then go for it! Everything tastes better on china doesn’t it?

Crack open that special bottle of champagne you have been saving, or buy one you wouldn’t normally buy. 

Light some of your special candles; you know the ones you save for special occasions.

Have dessert in front of the fire, how about homemade chocolate covered strawberries?

Make a fun romantic playlist for the background.  A little Sade anyone?

Wear something fun…ill leave that to your imagination!

If some of these things are a little too out there for you, that’s ok.  Ordering in Chinese food and watching in front of the TV sounds like a perfect evening too!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Jessica Brown

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