If you ever have the opportunity to visit Eastern Pennsylvania, specifically the Easton Area, you would be wise to stop in at the Crayola Factory.  This place is no shortage of fun for kids (I had a blast too!).  It’s all the fun of a museum, discovering the history of the Crayola Company, plus a touch of whimsical.  My daughter was completely enthralled watching the demonstration of how crayons are made.  She wasn’t as impressed with the marker manufacturing, but the melted wax melted her heart!

Her second favorite area was the glow station, “Crayola After Dark.”  All the girls in our little group thought their light wands were indeed magic wands.  We spent the majority of our trip in this area, luckily we went during a snow storm so it was not a busy day for the Factory.

My favorite space was the “Chalk Walk.”  It was a huge side walk with chalk for the kids to let them go nuts with sidewalk art.  The best part about this, were the benches for the parents to take a little rest.

There were several other areas of the Crayola Factory that were indeed fascinating; I could go on for hours.  Most important is that my kids (and my niece and nephew) had an absolute blast.  The staff was courteous and not at all insulted by my four-year olds nonstop questions.  The cost of admission was about the same as a movie ticket, $9.75 for ages 3 and up, kids 2 and under were free!  Each child went home with a handful of souvenirs including about four crayons (that they watched being made) and a marker.  Their website suggests planning to spend two to three hours there, but I believe we stayed much longer.  Crayola Factory equals total win!

For more information please visit: http://www.crayola.com/Factory/.

-Stephanie Wright

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