AllerMatesWristbandsWe cannot be around our kids 24 hours a day, and therefore, we cannot protect them from everything. For a mom of a child with allergies, this can present a whole new set of concerns. What if my child with a peanut allergy is harmlessly offered a peanut cookie when I am not around? What if he forgets (he’s just a little guy after all) that not all foods are safe for him? Sure, I could try to alert everyone he comes in contact with that he has a peanut allergy, but eventually, between play dates, parties, school, camp, church, and all of the other times when I am not around there is a chance that someone could offer him something that is absolutely dangerous for him.

After much fretting, a friend suggested Allermates to my family. To the Internet I went! I had to research this product. Here is what we found. Allermates make funky little bracelets for your kids to wear that boldly state their allergies. They even make wristbands that alert you to other conditions like diabetes and asthma. If your child has more than one allergy, you can get the “multiple allergy bracelet” which allows you to add charms of all the things your child is allergic to. They come in a plethora of colors, and my son thought they were pretty nifty. We have no problem getting him to wear them at all. Thank goodness.

The bands are made out of silicone (latex free!). The bands are flexible and appear to be pretty comfortable. The wristbands have three snaps for an adjustable fit, which is great because he will be able to wear it longer. At first I was worried that the little picture of the peanut would come off, but it has stayed perfectly in tact. The picture doesn’t appear to be glued on, but instead is molded right into the design. Same with the words.

We have owned our bracelets for a while now, and they seem to be holding up well to the wear and tear of my three-year-old.  For a grand total of 7 bucks, I couldn’t be happier. These wristbands serve as a reminder to my son to verify what he’s eating, and a warning to all others who might be giving him food to check in with us first, or just not give him anything. They do their job and give mom peace of mind.

-Stephanie Wright

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