iStock_juicingLiving in Los Angeles immediately makes you more aware of health crazes, diets, and everything in between. There is something about this city that just screams mind, body and soul upkeep, and almost immediately upon setting foot in this city I lost weight and found myself more interested in health & wellness than ever before.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still indulge more than I should, and have extra cushion that could probably use removing but my choices for healthy eating have increased immensely since moving to a city where people make taking care of themselves a major priority.

With this shift in new options and new way of thinking came an introduction to the world of juicing. A craze that is on every street corner of this city; drinking your vegetables, which in turn increases your vitamin intake, is wildly popular.

This industry is no longer just your grandma’s carrot juice recipe, and the amount of people creating new combinations is quite amazing.¬†Green power smoothies, cayenne pepper infused lemon drinks, and Acai mixed fruit concoctions are just the start.

While some people take it to the extreme via juice fasts, we have opted for the tamer route of just adding it into our daily consumption. We notice a big difference when we add a juice in our meal plan for the day, than when we don’t. Our body always thanks us for the added vitamins and seems happier overall.

So what is the difference between juicing and taking daily supplements? It’s the way our body absorbs everything. Studies show that our bodies absorb 98% of the liquid vitamins we ingest vs the 20% of ¬†the same vitamin in pill form.

While most places charge around $6-$10 for a drink, this is definitely something you can do at home by investing in a juicer.

Now that you are fully up to speed on the benefits of juicing, will you give it a try? If you’re already juicing, what’s your favorite recipe? Let us know in the comments! -Sasha Huff

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