This is an ode to cardigans.  Cardigans.  You are always there for me.  You are like a warm hug and go with every other item of clothing in my wardrobe.  You are the one item that each fall, I cannot wait to purchase and this season, I found you at J. Crew.  J. Crew?  A store that I never purchased a single item at until today. 

This fall, women should be on the look out for statement pieces that don’t cost an arm and a leg, that can go with anything and be worn any time of the day.  Ruffles, lace and decorative buttons have never been hotter.  This season, J. Crew mastered this must-have look.  Cardigans are beautifully muted, soft, elegant, and truly on-trend.  But, my cardigan, the Ruffled San Remo takes the cake, if you ask me.  Available in both gray and black, the San Remo is made from the softest cotton and accented with ruffles that are individually made.  As an added bonus, it flatters any figure, even hiding a few (ahem) figure flaws.

Even though the San Remo makes my heart happy, I have to admit, there was a moment alone in my fitting room that I was momentarily torn.  There was a close second place, which also could have found a home in my closet, a grandfather sweater by the name of the Donegal Shawl Cardigan.   This uber-soft sweater reminds me of the ones worn by the lovely Irish natives I met while in Ireland, this is because it was inspired by Irish tweed and is classic and timeless with beautiful wooden buttons.  However, it is bulky and not a good fit for every woman.

Because both the San Remo and Donegal Shawl are a little on the pricey side ($98 and $148 respectively), I wanted to provide you with a back-up cardy in the event that you are strapped at the moment.  Sure enough, I found one at the BP department at Nordstrom, the Just Ginger Lace Trim Cardigan has fabulous lace detail and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – in fact, it’s only $38 and is cute as can be and looks like it costs a whole lot more. 

Bottom line this fall, cardigans are a wonderful addition to this season’s wardrobe, whether a splurge item or a save, find one that puts a smile on your face and that you can wear every day.  Satisfaction guaranteed! 

Ruffled San Remo – Jcrew

Donegal Shawl – Jcrew

Just Ginger- Nordstrom

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