In the mood for something seasonal yet not so Thanksvigingy? I found and tested this great filet mignon with blackberries recipe courtesy of the Food Network’s Dean Brothers.  For me, this dish really bring out the rich-earthy flavors of Autumn without having any of the traditional Thanksgiving spices and flavors we typically associate this time of year with.  

steakWith access to fresh blackberries almost year round at Whole Foods, I like to substitute the fresh berries in place of the blackberry preserves (just add a bit of sugar to balance out the tartness).  I also stick with the grass-fed beef and away from the organic selections when it comes to prime cuts of beef, as I find the flavor and fat content is far superior in grass-fed meats then in the organic stuff (and that’s saying a lot from someone who eat almost exclusively organic).

filet mignon with blackberries 

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