Lets face it, life is different than it used to be. With the invention of smart phones and apps, we are able to simplify many aspects of our daily lives. And why should that be any different for new parents? Browsing through the App Store I came across lots of new apps that help new parents log all sorts of fun things about their babies.

There are feeding apps, that keep track of breast feedings, when they started, how long they lasted, how much time is being spend on each side etc. For non breast feeding parents, there are apps that just track the time of feeds. It’s perfect for parents who have that “new baby brain.” After having three kids, I can attest that it was hard to remember the last time I fed the baby.

Other apps help you track wet and dirty diapers, and sleep patterns. This stuff didn’t exist when my kids were babies, but I bet it would have been such valuable information to have.  Even more apps track growth and weight, shots and doctors appointments.

So the next time you are awake feeding your baby at two am, head on over to the App Store and browse all the apps at your disposal. My personal favorite was the Total Baby app. It seems to do everything!

-Stephanie Wright

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