The problem with statement dresses is this: once you’ve worn said dress out and received plenty of compliments (which surely you did), it’s hard to show off to the same crowd.  A perfect dress is often fashion killjoy. But pants, pants being the versatile, dress up, dress down, pair with anything up top, sort, are an essential and pleasurable part of your closet. A great pair of pants can be paired with a tee and flats. It can be worn with a silk blouse and heels. Each time you wear pants, you get to reinvent the fashion wheel a bit.  Plus, their shape doesn’t change too much season to season. A well-fitting trouser is timeless.  And as luck has it, you can find a bevy of beautiful trousers that you can wear time and again for under a hundred dollars.

Tailored Finish

The black pant is a must.  It’s the base from which you can build any outfit.

Simple Black Beaut

If you like a skinny ankle, look at this simple, preppy, and informal pant. There’s nothing you can’t wear with it.

Statement Maker

They’re actually out of this world. Tailored skinny trousers in a galactic print.

Cropped and Cute

Channel Ms. Hepburn with a cropped, high waist black pant. Add a sailor stripe and a flat, or a heel and a sheer, silky shirt, tucked in for polished perfection.

Understated Detail

Gold side piping and leather pocket allow a playful and chic aspect to the pant without being overwhelming. Its barely there detail gives you chic after dark appeal, without detail overkill.

On Trend Heroes

Jacquard slims and velvet skinnies. If you want to stay on trend this season, you can still do it with a budget. And there is fine chance that these styles will come around again.


-Arianna Schioldager

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