How crazy is this, most of us are wearing the WRONG size bra.  Can you believe that?  We spend most of our lives wearing a bra, and at least 12-14 hours in one a day, we should be supporting our ladies the best we can.  Am I right or am I right?  I know I have gone through this before, and was shocked to know that I was wrong. 

It’s not the most comfortable feeling to have some strange woman (if it’s a man RUN cause that creepy) touch your boobs in a store but it’s a must and we just deal with it.  Victoria’s Secret and Nordstrom do complimentary fittings, and they know their stuff.  After reading this guide, run, don’t walk to your closest store!

Here is a fit guide according to Victoria’s Secret to use on your next bra shopping excursion.

Band Size Measurement

Begin by wearing a non-padded bra and have a soft tape measure.  Hold the tape measure around your back at band level and then bring to the front, just above your bust.  The resulting number is your “Band Size.”  If this number is odd, then round down to the closest even number.

Bust Measurement

Measure completely around the FULLEST part of your bust (at nipple level).  This is your “Bust measurement.”  If this number falls on the ½ inch then round up.  Make sure the measuring tape is parallel with the ground and not binding.

Cup Size

Subtract the band size in step one from bust size in step two.  The resulting number is your “Cup Size.” The equation is bust measurement – band size = cup size.

For example, if your bust measures 36” and your band is 34, you wear a B cup. 


After you get your measurements, the next step is to find a bra that fits. Try on a bra. Place your hands through the straps and bend over to allow your breasts to fall into the cups. The cups should contain your breasts’ unless you’re trying a demibra or an enhancing bra and should center your nipple in the fullest part.

Close the bra using the middle hook. Look for a band that fits snugly but doesn’t cut into your rib cage. If it’s too tight, try adjusting the hook closure before proceeding to a larger size.

Adjust the straps so the band fits comfortably under the breasts and around the rib cage. If the bra seems to slip forward, if you find yourself pulling up on the straps, or if it feels as if your breasts are falling out of the bottom of the cups, the band size is too big.

Check the fabric or bridge between your breasts. This should lie flat on the breastbone. If it sticks up or stabs your breastbone uncomfortably, try a larger cup size. If it puckers, try a smaller size.

Move up a cup size if your breasts bulge from the bra. Move down a size if you notice wrinkles in the cup material

Now that you have the facts and the fit, make sure you are wearing the right size.  Go buy something sexy!!!

*Every body is different and results may vary so to be 100% sure have a store specialist take your measurements.

-Jessica Brown

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