Choosing any doctor should be something that is taken very seriously.  It’s not something that you do on a whim, or based off of a picture.  Choosing your Obstetrician is certainly no different.  You better have a doctor you like if you plan to bear it all and then some in front of them.  Not to mention you have to see them an average of 14 times in less than a year while pregnant.  These doctors will see you at your absolute most vulnerable state, and they share the most important moments of your life. 

Don’t take choosing your OB lightly.  First things first, (besides the obvious, are they really doctors?) do they deliver at the hospital of your choice?  What are their on call procedures?  Who delivers your baby if they are on vacation?  Call their office and see how hard it is to get a doctor on the phone.  Snoop on how nice their receptionist is.  Do their delivery beliefs match your own?  For example, if you want to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) do they support that decision?  What is their personality?  If they annoy you, by all means don’t choose them. 

Ask them tons of questions, even ones you think are absolutely obvious.  See how they respond to you and your concerns.  Never choose a doctor who blows you or your questions off or one who doesn’t take the time to let you ask questions.  You are paying them to perform a service, and part of that service is answer your questions. 

A good way to find a good doctor is to ask a friend who has a similar personality as you.  Chances are they like the same things in a doctor.  Or at least they will give you a place to start. 

-Stephanie Wright

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