It may be one of the fastest fish in the sea but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch it and eat it.

At only 146 calories in a 3-oz. serving, swordfish can be an addition to part of a calorie-controlled diet. It’s healthy, delicious and since it’s a steak fish (i.e something thick enough to throw on the grill) it can take you less than ten minutes to cook.

Plus, it’s an unexpected choice if you’re having dinner guests, and looks impressively hearty on a plate.

Here is a great glaze and simple recipe that will have you (or your guests) saying yes please to this broad-billed fish.


2 1-inch (approximately) thick swordfish steaks


¼ cup Sesame oil

½ tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon Honey

1 clove Garlic

1 whole lime, juiced

Cayenne Pepper to taste (start with just a dash)

Kosher salt to taste


Finely mince garlic. Set aside.

In bowl whip together all ingredients for the marinade. Start with the sesame oil to get a good base, add the mustard, honey, and garlic.

Juice your lime and add to mixture.

Whip all ingredients with a fork.  Add dash of cayenne and salt to taste.

Here is the refined part:

Rinse your fish thoroughly under cold water and pat dry.

Throw the fish in a large Ziploc bag with the marinade.  Let sit for 30 minutes or longer.

Place fish on a well greased grill over medium coals or medium flame. Grill over medium coals for about 4 minutes on each side or until internal temperature reached 140 degrees F.  Brush with any remainder mixture. Your fish should be tender and juice.

Serve with a delicious mixed green salad with a simple citrus dressing, for a fresh and health-conscious dinner.


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