For those of us who don’t view the world through rose-colored glasses, thanks to current trends there are some awesomely rosey other options.

Roses are making a discernible comeback among prints this spring, and though they may come into bloom now, there is no reason you can’t keep them blossoming through summer.

Floral leg wear trends seems to come and go and it might feel a little 80’s for those of us who remember the pastel and rose printed jean shorts of our youth, but the fashion gurus have updated the cut and prints (to a degree), so there should be no shame in stepping both legs in.

All the top jean designers have options in the cuts you’ve come to love.

Citizens of Humanity offers the Mandy, a Cotton and Lycra Slim Jean with delicate floral patterns that crawl up the leg. The 9” rise is flattering, so you can wear with a simple brown sandal. Also available in a frayed short, known simply as Chloe.

Current/Elliot have a pair of lightly printed skinnies with roses a little bigger, a little bolder.  The Stiletto-Haystack Floral.

For those of you who don’t want quite the color shock and favor the wallpaper look more, J.Brand offers a muted solution with their black and cream Large Floral Print Skinny Jeans.

Don’t want to pay the price for the Queen’s Roses?

Head over to Asos to channel the swinging 60’s and a little Betty Draper, with their bold rose print pant.  It’s slim and cropped.

Light and simple, nothing is better for bike-rides and sun hats than roses with rompers. Johann Earl for Urban Renewal Mistress Romper.

Can’t wait for summer? Rose print bikini, the perfect blend of lady-like with beachwear.

No matter your choice, everything certainly will be coming up roses.

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