Ladies, summer is here and it is time to glam up those legs.  Cellulite is an annoying, difficult problem to get rid of and it affects those even in the best of shape.  So, I’ve searched high and low to bring our Weekly Sauce readers a Cellulite treatment that ACTUALLY WORKS.  We need to look no further, because I have found the cellulite miracle and it is under $13 dollars!

For the last ten days I have been using Nivea’s Good Bye Cellulite Serum and their Good-By Cellulite Smoothing Gel-Cream.  Both are formulated with Nivea’s patented blend of Lotus Extract and L-Carnitine which help deliver smoother skin in as little as ten days.  The products are designed to work alone or together, so they do fit nicely into anyone’s budget.  However if you use them together, you are likely to see results faster.

Nivea reports that 71% of women saw visible results after using these products.  I can absolutely attest to that.  After ten days my skin is visibly smoother and definitely firmer.  I’m hooked!   I cannot wait to see what will happen after continued use. 

Nivea’s Good Bye Cellulite Serum, $12.99 and the Good-By Cellulite Smoothing Gel-Cream, $10.99 are available are drugstores nationwide.  

You can also visit for locations and more information. 

-Jana Gersten

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