We all want the style and know-how of the carefree Parisian. She always looks so perfectly put together, but never overdone.  Her outfit screams, oh this old thing, I just threw it on. And we believe her. It’s effortless.

Now “effortless style” takes a little effort, especially for those us bereft of the style gene, but everyone has style if they want it. You just have to believe it. 

A huge part of effortless style is confidence.  We often say, oh you can pull that off but I never could. It’s why we end up with a scattered disarray of dresses on the floor, pants strewn across the desk, empty hangers galore. But there’s no need to try so hard. The truth of the matter is, anyone can wear pretty much anything. The Parisian woman knows this and it’s why she exudes confidence in her dress.

There are some rules- most of which revolve around knowing your proportions and your body. For instance, I’m on the shorter end of the spectrum so I like lines that elongate me, but believing in your outfit is primary.

Here are a few tricks to getting it effortlessly right every time:

1. Pay attention to the shapes that work well for you.  High waist works for me, so I buy in that silhouette and don’t waste time second-guessing my outfit choice.

2. Stock your closet with basics.  A perfect pair of go-to jeans. A crisp blazer (must be fitted!).  It’s the best bet to avoid the pile on the floor.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.  Leopard and polka dot? It almost looks like a mistake it’s that effortless.

4. Fake it, till you make it.  If you smile and strut you will look amazing no matter what.

-Arianna Schioldager

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