????????A recent study claims that countries that consume the most amount of unsweetened black tea (namely Ireland, the UK and Turkey) have a much lower rate of Type 2 diabetes than countries that don’t (ahem, the US.) Not only is black tea high in antioxidants, it may help lower blood sugar by blocking certain enzymes that transform starch into glucose, and slows down sugar absorption in the small intestine. All great reasons to have a cup of tea, right? But it’s summertime, and in most parts of the US, temperatures are high – and the last thing you want to do is drink something hot. Well here comes iced tea to the rescue!  If plain old black iced tea just doesn’t do the trick for you, check out these twists on an old favorite and get healthy while you’re at it!

Perfect Unsweetened Iced Tea – This is a great base for all black iced tea recipes. I like to drink this as it is, but you may choose to add some fruit or garnish to it to jazz it up, like some of the recipes below. I don’t add any sugar to mine, to keep it healthier, but that may be a personal taste preference – just don’t overdo it and counteract the benefits of the black tea.

 Iced Mint Tea – Super easy to make, and thanks to the mint, extra refreshing, this simple iced tea recipe is one you’ll reach for time and time again. If you’re not a lemon person, just skip the lemon and it’s just as good!

Blackberry Mint Iced Tea – Fresh or frozen berries, lemon juice and mint make this a perfect summer thirst-quencher when you’re looking for a break from plain old H2O.

Roasted Peach Iced Tea – Mmmm, is there anything more delicious than peaches and black tea combined? This is one of my favorite tea flavors, and I’m excited to try making this homemade version. If you’re really conscious about sugar, cut out the 1 tbsp of sugar the recipe suggests – the sweetness from the ripe peaches should be all you need!

Back Porch Tea – Okay, this one’s a little bit of a cheat since there’s a splash of alcohol in it – but what a great cocktail alternative to gain all the benefits from the black tea and have a little adult time while you’re at it!

Here’s to your good health!

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