An affectionate touchBed, Bath & Beyond – Sure, they have a selection of almost everything you could need for the home, but the real reason so many brides-to-be flock to this mega store to register? They are one of the few places that will give you cash back for any returns. So if you don’t like that weird sheet set Aunt Jane got you, but can’t find anything else you want, they’ll give you cash for it so you can go get it elsewhere.

Amazon – More and more couples are opting for online registries nowadays. There’s an added bonus for the guests as well – they don’t have to worry about wrapping and lugging a giant coffee machine to your wedding, instead it’s delivered straight to your doorstep, complete with a handy online list of who got you what to make writing thank-you cards that much easier.

Crate & Barrel – For the couple with a modern sensibility, Crate & Barrel is a godsend. It also offers items at various price points which many guests will appreciate from the old to the young. They also offer the standard 10% completion discount for any items still left on your registry after the wedding. – If you just can’t decide on one place, and have things you want from here and things you love from there, is the perfect site for you. You can register online from a variety of stores, and the site will compile them all for you. Guests who receive the link to your online registry simple click on the item to purchase, and it’s shipped straight to your home. It also keeps track of who got what where to make any returns or exchanges (and thank you cards) super easy.  – If you already have all the home goods you could possibly need, and would prefer cash gifts instead, consider a place like Here, guests can contribute however much they want towards the purchase of a larger ticket item whether it’s a piece of furniture, a down payment on a house or home improvements.

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