Some days I feel like the most stylish girl in the room.  Still, some days I stare at a full closet and bemoan the fact that I have nothing to wear.  Which isn’t true.  But like all women, I grow quickly bored of my closet and my bank account grows quickly fed up with my shopping sprees on those nothing to wear days.

I’m lucky enough to have a best friend with taste and who wears my size, so I raid her closet; grass is always greener…but she isn’t always around. So, what’s a gal with little funds and big fashion dreams to do?

Well, if you put on your best “bib and tucker,” it means you’re wearing your best, and friends and entrepreneurs Sari Azouts and Sari Bibliowicz founded Bib + Tuck, a members-only online community for women in creative industries to trade fashion items.  It basically means, you can wear your best, or actually, others bests all the time.  Your closet can be an ever-revolving door of chic possibilities.

How it works is simple. You Bib (upload/sell) your own items to earn “bucks.” With said bucks you can Tuck (purchase from other members) items that they have likewise listed. When you tuck something, that member is sent a pre-paid mailing label and your address.

It’s up to members to keep the site honest and fashionable. You’re only supposed to bib items that you yourself love, as it will—as they say—set the tone for the community.  You pay a flat shipping fee, plus a tiny 3-dollar fee to keep the site up and running.

Now, here’s the catch, it’s members-only, and you have to know someone to invite you in, but if you’re “feeling impatient” You can convince them that you’re tuck-worthy.

Happy bib and tucking ladies.


-Arianna Schioldager

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