There’s no magic wand that erases the mistakes we make, and weekends are usually ripe with them. No one here is a saint.  Sometimes it’s just too hard to control the urge for decadence and bacchanalia, and everyone knows that greasy food is a fairy godmother when it comes to a hangover. But just because you binged, doesn’t mean you have to toss the whole week away.

Steps you can take to rejuvenate:

Skip the ole scale. Hide it in the back of the linen closet if need be. Getting rid of guilt is one of the first ways to get yourself back on track. Accept that you went a little wild, and be kind to yourself.

Spice up your life.  I mean with cinnamon and other spices that inhibit enzymes to help you digest fat. Get rid of it, don’t store it.

Get steamy. Mind out of the gutter! If you have access to a sauna or a steam room, sweat those toxins out. Make sure you drink plenty of water to replenish the liquids you are losing.  If you don’t have access, hit a Bikram or Hot Yoga class.

Fill up on the good stuff. Whole grains, lean protein and lots of green vegetables. And since a lot of weight gain comes from the water retention caused by high sodium foods, welcome the debloat lunch into your diet—quinoa and yogurt top the list.

Did you sneak a cigarette? You can ward off further damage with some leafy greens. Eat 12 servings per month and Cancer Research reports that their phytochemicals might protect you from lung tumors and cancer.

Clock seven to nine hours of sleep nightly. If you don’t go easy on yourself, you’ll throw your hormones further out of sorts. Which we all know leads to binge repeat.

-Arianna Schioldager

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