My little family lives here in what I consider to be the middle of nowhere. I feel that way only because my entire extended family lives miles and miles (states and states) away. Things like Skype and FaceTime certainly make the distance feel smaller, but it doesn’t fix the fact that we cannot always hug the people we want to hug. And let’s face it, plane tickets cost more than an arm and a leg these days. So how do you get your loved ones a hug when they need one or just because you feel like giving one? Here comes this craft to save the day.

We have a huge roll of paper attached to an easel in my kids art area. I took that paper out and rolled it out onto my floor. Next I had my daughter lay down on the paper and spread her arms out. Just like she were about to give a hug. Her brothers and I then grabbed our markers, crayons, and colored pencils and traced around her body. Once she was completely traced out she got up and helped to fill in the space outside of her traced body. We drew pictures, wrote messages, and just did our best to color every inch of the paper except her body. The result was amazing!

When we were completely finished with out art work I wrote across the length of her arms, “Sending you a hug!”  We then repeated the process with my other kids. When they were are completed it was simple to roll the up and stuff them into a poster tube (check out and send them on their merry way. We sent ours to grandparents not feeling well. Who will you send a hug to?

-Stephanie Wright

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