While out and about over the last few days I got to visit a friend’s new house.  She has done a great job decorating (yes, I am quite jealous of how clean and neat everything looked!)  But what really caught my eye was her photo wall.  I love me a good photo wall, especially when they include more than just photos.  Things like special ticket stubs, dates that are important to the family, a framed wedding invitation, you get the idea.

She had a fantastic display that included the birth stats of her four kids.  She has three girls and one boy.  Each frame held an 8×10 that included her kids names, birthdays, time of birth, weight and height at the big moment.  I stinking loved this idea.  I liked it even more when she told me that she made them herself, printed them from her own computer and hung them up all within thirty minutes!  My kind of project!  I practically ran home to get started on mine.

Here is how you do it.  Open up your favorite paint program, or even word processor.  She used a windows based word program, I used photoshop.  So you can see, really anything can work.  First I typed out their first names, then resized them to fit completely across the page.  Then I followed with their middle names.  I made them long enough to fit across, but not quite as tall.  Using that same method I put all of their information on the pages and used their favorite colors.  Then I printed them out on my printer.  I threw them into some frames I already had (because I always have frames).  If you don’t already have some, check out your local thrift store.  I like to get frames with varying textures then give them all a coat of glossy white (or any other color).  It keeps things matching without them being exactly the same.  Voila!  You’ve made a beautiful piece of artwork out of your kid’s birth stats!

-Stephanie Wright


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