In the past couple years, thick and defined eyebrows have made a comeback. The era of pencil thin eyebrows has come to an end, and women are learning to embrace eyebrows in their fuller, more natural form.

I strongly believe that every woman should take the time to groom her brows, because they define your face and frame your eyes.  We may not be blessed with Camilla Belle brows, but you can play up what you got Рall you will need are tweezers, a brow brush, brow powder or a brow pencil, and eyebrow wax.  Gather your tools, and follow these steps!


Step One: Find your brow shape

Before you begin grooming, use a pencil to find your brow shape.
1. Hold the pencil vertically from the inner edge of your nostril up to your eyebrows – this is where your eyebrows should begin.
2. Line up the pencil at the outer edge of your iris – this is where the highest point of your arch should be.
3. Slant the pencil diagonally from the edge of your nose, up past the outermost corner of your eye. Your eyebrows should end where the pencil intersects.

Step Two: Groom & Pluck

Once you have your brow shape, you can begin grooming. Use your tweezers to pluck the extra hairs that fall outside of the boundaries defined above. Then, use your brow brush to brush through your brows, going upwards and outwards.

Step Three: Fill & Color

This is where you give your brows some extra oomph. Use your brow powder or pencil to lightly fill in the sparse patches in your eyebrows. Apply color directly to the skin, and use light feathery strokes to keep it natural. Finally, use a bit of eyebrow wax to set your brows in place. Hello, gorgeous eyebrows!

-Shalyn Tharayil


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