Healthy and dessert are typically diametrically opposed, which is quite the summer bummer for those of us with a lingering sweet tooth.

I can’t seem to give up on treats entirely—I simply need a little sugar in my life, so I’ve gone on quite the hunt for sweet treats that still satisfy my hankering when I’m trying to be healthy.

I’m sharing two finds (one is a little recipe I concocted). If you have other suggestions feel free to share in comments below.  Sharing is definitely caring when it comes to fellow healthy-slash-sugar fiends.


Frozen Delights

Kefir is a cultured, enzyme-rich food filled full of probiotics that looks and tastes a lot like yogurt.  Doesn’t sound much like dessert does it?

Lifeway has changed things up a bit and created frozen kefir dessert, a tart and tangy treat that is high in protein and calcium, and is made from all natural ingredients. It has only 90 calories per serving, gluten free, and 99% lactose free.  If you’re skeptical, don’t be. I’ve tried it, and it does the trick.  Cravings nullified.

No Nuts and Honey Shake

I’d love to drink a good old-fashioned milkshake, but it just proves more impossible with every passing year.  So I created the below, which, if I go ahead and toot my own horn, is really delicious, especially with the inclusion of one unexpected ingredient*.


½ cup Greek Honey yogurt

½ frozen banana (to reduce the carb/sugar count, swap for ice)

2 teaspoons agave

½ cup No Sugar Added Vanilla Almond Milk

1 Honey Rice Cake*


Simply put—throw it all in a blender (a Magic Bullet works GREAT) and pulse until it is to your liking.

And as promised, the rice cake provides an unexpected texture that satisfies the most discerning palettes.

-Arianna Schioldager

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