Baby showers are one of my favorite parties to attend. The excitement of a new arrival, the nervousness of the new parents (I won’t lie, that’s my absolute favorite parts) the whole thing is amazing. I even have to admit that I enjoy the games. Even the most ridiculous ones. So it is safe to say that I am a sucker for showers.

One of the best ideas I ever saw, and was thoroughly excited to use at my own shower was to forget the cards. Instead of putting cards on a gift, saying congrats and your name, why not use a book. Okay, I know that this sounds strange. Here is how it works.

On the invitations to your shower, make sure the information is included. Just put a little note, just like where you list registry information. Make it simple, “In lieu of cards mom and dad are requesting books. Please feel free to write a short inscription.” Now each and every gift that comes to your shower is also going to include a book. What a fantastic way to start a library for your little one. I found that everyone got super excited about this idea and they each went and found a book that was special to them when they were younger, or one that they read to their children often. Its like getting the gift of memory at the same time and the inscriptions in each book are amazing too. Little notes of love to your child before they were ever born.

My kids love the idea that so many people were excited just for them! Now, if you are not quite at the baby shower stage, this same idea can work for your wedding shower as well. Just ask for cookbooks instead. What newly married couple doesn’t need a cook book or two?


-Stephanie Wright

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