Bookstores for me are a world of their own. I can tiptoe around a bookstore for countless hours, digging through the shelves to find my next read. I can get lost there, trying to find the next pick. I like to touch the covers and smell the scent of an untouched book. I like the crisp pages that haven not been bent or torn. I don’t really have much of an art form when it comes to choosing books, but there are definitely some favorite stores I have.

books#1 on my list is Books and Books- in Coral Gables, FL, and four other locations. Dig through their stacks to find autographed copies of your books. Or, better yet, come listen to your favorite author speak AND sign a copy for you. The variety of authors is impressive, and they nab some of the best in the business. I have an autographed Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert that I bought for the identical price it is normally. The bookstore is locally owned and really boasts an impressive selection. Chelsea Handler will be there on March 26th, so you can bet I will too.

I love Barnes and Noble too, anywhere and anytime. Their selection cannot be beat, and they often have books that are more challenging to find. They always have bargains and tons of member coupons. If you are looking for a niche book, a travel book, kids books, this is a great place. Since it’s a chain you can find them just about anywhere, and they also sell all their stuff online. They even sell their own electric reader, The Nook, so you can purchase and download their books anywhere! Another reason to love Barnes & Noble online is that it sells used books and textbooks. When it comes to books and especially textbooks, you can really save a lot of money here!

Barnes and Noble

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