Anyone can wear this hot accessory, especially since it comes in numerous styles. Really there’s an option for every occasion- gloves, hats, headbands, hair accessories, jewelry, purses, and shoes! My favorite place with the most adorable bows is The brand itself consists of girly, bright, and cutesy stuff. The “cutesy” label definitely defines the bow trend going on right now, so it is no surprise that kate spade stores showcase them in all entities.

If you enjoy trips to the beach, the Barrow Street Anabel is a perfect purchase. The punchy pink and red color along with the bow make it feminine and fun. If you’re in the market for a new purse, the Charm City Ostrich Joleen has two separate bows, and is a leather shoulder purse in a patterned lavender shade that is ideal for spring. The shoulder strap is gold links with leather threaded through, and the inside is gold, both of which add even more adorable details! I think that is part of the fun of the kate spade brand really- everything has tiny cute details.

ringCheck out the Fiona shoe in wild colors! They look like presents and can be justified as presents for your feet in bright spring colors. Pair these flats with a little black dress and make your outfit stand out! These would look cute with some jeggings too.

If you are in the market for some new jewelry, there is the plated gold All Wrapped Up Small Pendant, Bangle, and Bow Ring, a necklace, bracelet and ring trio you can own together or in individual pieces. These are classic enough to wear everyday yet trendy and cute at the same time.

If that wasn’t enough bows, there are bows on the pattern of the Madeleine Bows Emma Dress, purple Broome Street Patent New Bow Glove, two pairs of wedding shoes, and the stunning bright green Plaza Bow Pouch clutch.

Buy them all or just buy one item, whatever you choose you can’t go wrong. There is something suitable for every type of woman here.

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