leopardpantsMost people that know us would describe us as a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. While we do clean up nicely for a night on the town, our everyday duds are pretty simple. Fashion is something we covet and love to drool over on the internet, but when it comes down to dishing out the dough, our money is usually spent elsewhere.

However, the latest spring trend of big bold prints on pants and jeans is something we kind of can’t get over. While we usually stick to our solids with a statement accessory, we are incredibly drawn to the bright colors and patterns we’ve been seeing lately.

While we were browsing our local department store the other day, we came across a pair of leopard pants. They weren’t wildly expensive (no pun intended) and they certainly fit well, but we had to ask ourselves the question, “can we pull these off?”

Sure, it would be on trend, and we aren’t completely out of the age range to rock some leopard, but we also sometimes think less is more and the attention you get while wearing them maybe isn’t the attention we’re looking to draw on the daily.

Then we start to think “screw that, who cares” and are ready to jump back in the car, get the wallet out and make that impulse buy that our soul is dying to purchase.

So we leave it up to you, internet universe, what say you on the idea of the big bold pant print and more specifically, the leopard jean?

Would you wear this out in public? Should anyone where leopard pants in public? How would you style it if you did?

We’re counting on you for some fashion advice here so please don’t let us down.

-Sasha Huff


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