iStock_easyartworkA creative outlet is wildly important. Expressing yourself in a way that healthily communicates your feelings is great. For some people it’s painting, others it’s crafting, sculpting, sewing, writing; the list is endless.

For us, creating artwork for our home is therapeutic. We love making pieces that we can hang in the apartment, and seeing our hard work displayed on the walls feels wonderful.

Now, we realize not everyone is artfully inclined, but there are some really easy things you can make. Your friends will also be very impressed that the art adorning your walls was made by you!

Here are some simple art projects you can do at home to add some sass to your living space!

1) Cloth On Canvas – This one is great because you can customize it to match the color and linen scheme in any room. Simply buy cloth at your local art supply store, and staple it or hot glue it to a canvas. Buy several canvases in different sizes and use different patterns with similar color schemes to create a piece of wall art that no one can ignore.

2) Chevron – If you aren’t in the know about chevron, now is the time. Everyone loves this pattern, and you can re-create easily on canvas or wood with a little painters tape and any color combo you choose. We love the use of metallics with solids like black and grey. Here is a tutorial on how to make the pattern.

3) Decoupage – Bust out your Modge Podge, and go wild with pictures from different magazines, books, photographs, anything really and start gluing them to your canvas. This is an easy way to create a wild pattern and something that expresses your unique personality. Keep it all black and white and then splatter some paint on top to bring out the fun.

What kind of art projects have you done lately?

-Sasha Huff


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