gazpachoIf you’re like me, the thought of a cold soup isn’t the most appetizing. However, as fall temperatures start to take a dip, what better time to experiment with a cold soup than now? It will be too cold before you know it. Most cold soups are a cinch to make thanks to the no-cook approach. Here are some delicious looking recipes to get you started.

Gazpacho – The chilled soup that brought fame to chilled soups, this tomato-based concoction is at its best, refreshing, creamy and satisfying.

Chilled Cucumber Soup – I’ll be honest. I love cucumbers, and I love soup, but the thought of them together does not ring my bell… until I read this recipe. Filled with flavorful ingredients like scallions, sour cream, and jalapenos, and served with a crusty baguette, salami and feta? Now that’s one cold soup I could get behind!

Spicy BLT Soup – I have yet to meet a recipe with bacon that I didn’t like, and this soup is no exception. It’s also a perfect way to use up all those end-of-the-season tomatoes.

Cold Avocado Soup – Smooth and creamy avocado paired with yogurt, mint and lime juice makes for an unexpectedly delightful main course. Serve with crusty bread and spreadable cheese for a really special spread.

Cold Curried Summer Squash Soup – Just the name of this recipe has my mouth watering. I can just picture the creamy, slightly nuttiness of the squash with the heat form the curry to create a rich and flavorful soup that you’d just have to sop up every last drop of.

Creamy Mango Soup – I’ll admit, this soup sounds more like a dessert than an entree, but the rave reviews on All Recipes has me convinced to give it a whirl (literally). The sweetness of the lemon paired with the tartness of lemon zest makes for a perfect soup.

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