iStock_coconutoilI have a friend, whom I adore. She is ten years my senior, but looking at her you would assume that she was at least five years my junior. Her skin is as radiant as someone in their early twenties. Her hair is always soft and bouncy. I cannot deny my jealousy. In my clever attempts to figure out her secret I took her for some coffee. To my surprise she touts one product. One product that she moisturizes with, cleared up her cellulite, diminished the pores on her face, made her eyelashes grow, softens her lips, and lessened the dark circles under her eyes.

I don’t know about you, but one product for all that is either a joke, or costs over a million dollars an ounce.

I did some research into this amazing product and started trying things for myself. I used it as a hair mask, and my hair is super shiny and soft now. I moisturize with it daily. Turns out it is antimicrobial, and anti-fungal. I used it to help remove my makeup, and it worked amazingly!

Putting a touch on my husband’s foot completely got rid of his athletes foot.

What is this magical thing I’m talking about? Coconut oil. That is right. Coconut oil.

When buying a coconut oil, you do not necessarily want the stuff you find at your local grocery store. You should look for extra virgin coconut oil. One that has not been hydrogenated, deodorized, bleached, or refined in any way. Most health stores will most likely have carry some that fits the bill, but when in doubt check out Amazon!

When you are all finished putting it on your skin, and hair, and are looking like a super star, pop yourself some popcorn with it. It smells just like the kind at the movie theater!–Stephanie Wright

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