Sometimes during the spring months it can be very difficult to tell if your kids have caught a cold or simply have allergies.  The problem is that they can be very different when it comes to how you would treat them.  So how can you possibly tell if your kids have allergies or a cold without shoving daisies under their noses to see if they sneeze?

I have spent many nights listening to my kids cough and sneeze wondering which is which.  I took my dilemma to our pediatrician with some hope of sorting things out.  The first distinction is snot.  Gross, I know.  But if your child’s runny nose is clear opposed to yellow or green then you probably have allergies. Got that? Clear snot most likely equals allergies.  Another fair indicator is the presence of a fever.  Cold symptoms without a fever also point to allergies.  Those are the main two things to look for.

However, using your mommy gut can also help too.  A lot of times kids who have allergies act mostly normal.  They play happily, just sneezy.  When kids have a cold they will often times be slightly subdued.  You will know they don’t feel well.  Another thing to consider is the pattern of sickness.

If your child is consistently sick each spring you might want consider getting checked out for allergies.  As with anything, it’s never a bad idea to as your child’s doctor for advice.  If you can’t tell one way or another, or want some direction on what to do next don’t hesitate to give them a call.


-Stephanie Wright

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