From tights to hair (yes, you trendsetter Drew Barrymore) to manicures, root to toe tip, ombre hued gadgets and garments have been making their multi-hued mark on the latest fashions.


My personal favorites are ombre pants. A great fitting pant never goes out of style.  And, if mixing and matching outfits isn’t your strong suit, a playful, wacky pant paired with a simple, basic tee, always makes you look fashion forward. Even if you aren’t.

Top Shop.  Count on trust Top Shop to offer a simple, easy and breezy option with these multi colored ombre silk tapered leg trousers.

These Matthew Williamson pants combine two of my favorites! Ombre and Ikat together in a skinny fit.

Asos is always offering inexpensive solutions for trends.  This pair of ombre neon in ivory and green pants has spring to summer all over them.

And if you’re feeling gutsy, why not go all out with the matching blazer?


This fringe ombre t-shirt is not so serious and just in time for the onslaught of music festivals.

Equipment makes the most beautiful shirts, and every woman should own at least one.   This ombre and sheer python blouse from Equipment features a blue and grey snakeskin print. Wear it long and over shorts with strappy sandals.


Tara Matthews offers a simple hand-dyed ombre cotton-jersey dress that’s perfect for sun-filled days.  Easy to roll up and throw into  beach bag or travel light on vacations.

Accouterments and Beyond

Even your accessories can be ombre, from earrings, to necklaces, socks, and yes tights because sadly, it isn’t summer yet (I love jumping the seasonal gun), and since there are bound to be a few more chilly days in the near future, check out these hand-made ombre tights on Etsy.

-Arianna Schioldager

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