Skip The Store, Cook Up These Necessities in Your Kitchen at Home
Dollar for dollar, disposable goods like common cleaning products and toiletries can really add up when you consider the quantity of these items that you consume.  Crafty folks can not only save some dough by cooking up these easy recipes in their own kitchen, you can also take control what over which ingredients are included and be certain of what needs to stay out.
For households battling allergies, suffering with sensitive skin, or simply looking to go greener for their overall health and wellness, putting together an arsenal of homemade supplies for your kitchen and bath can be an easier way to regulate your environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Excess packaging, unwanted pollutants, dyes, parabens, and other toxic chemicals can be a thing of the past when you take the time to prepare your consumables yourself.
Plus, bonding over making a batch of organic necessities will create way more fun memories with your partner or little ones than a mundane trip to the big box store.
Most cleaning aids can be put together with elements you probably already have in your kitchen and tend to be just as effective as, if not more than, store-bought brands. Here are some simple suggestions to get started:
While some cosmetic luxuries can be done without if the formula is too aggravating to sensitive skin or you don’t want to support the brand, the soothing properties of many top toiletries can be achieved with a little patience. Homemade cosmetics recipes are definitely worth the effort:
Mother Nature Network is a great resource that’s compiled a helpful list of links to get you started on your own inventory of homemade goods. Visit their site to learn how to go homemade in your pantryplayroom,  and other corners of life too.
What’s your favorite way to simplify a store-bought product by mixing it up at home instead? Casandra Armour

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