When it comes to alcoholic beverages, I am not the most inventive or creative person in the mix (no pun intended).  So, when my husband and I were in San Francisco for New Year’s at the  St. Regis I figured why not try something other than my usual Vodka Soda. 

I perused the drink menu and found something that I had never had before….Cucumber Vodka.  I have always loved Raspberry and Blackberry Vodka, but never had I had the refreshing taste of Cucumber flavored Vodka.  I ordered mine with soda, and my husband had the “Hiro-Tini,” which had Freshly Muddled Ginger & Cucumber, Ultimat Vodka, and Sake Served Up in a martini glass.  He really enjoyed his, but I think I liked mine more!  It was like being in a spa with the delicious cucumber water- intended for adults only!  It has a subtle flavor, so the cucumber won’t overpower you in any way.

I haven’t been able to find Cucumber Vodka on many menus in the Los Angeles area, but keep your eyes out on your local cocktail menus.  We did buy a bottle of Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka to keep on hand for parties and the random cocktail at home.  Once you try this I assure you that you will enjoy it!

-Jessica Brown

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