Tapas collectionDinner and a movie just not cutting it for date nights anymore? Then shake things up a bit with a tapas-style date night. Now, we don’t mean just going to a tapas restaurant and eating having a meal (although, if that’s your thing, enjoy!) Tapas are small plates meant for sharing, so that everyone can have a little taste of everything. So why not take it one step further, and have every course at a different location? The change in venues, atmosphere, and experiences will make this date night a truly memorable one.

1. Do Your Research – Use tools like Yelp and other review sites to find restaurants and bars in your area that are the best for the types of courses you want to have (i.e. cocktails, salads, seafood, dessert, etc.) And don’t just find one, find several for each so that you have options in case one is totally packed that night. Then make a list in the order you want to hit up these places. You may want to go the traditional cocktail-appetizer-main course-entree-dessert-night cap route, or maybe you start with dessert! The night is really up to you guys.

2. Get Dolled Up – …or not. This date night is really about you as a couple, so if dressing up makes you feel more “date-y” and like you’re having a foreign experience, go all out! If being casual is more your style, do it! Just make sure you’re both on the same page. (Who loves getting all dressed up only to see their date in jeans and ratty sneaker? The answer: no one.)

3. Relax and Enjoy – Running late to your next destination or missed a reservation? Don’t sweat it! Part of the fun of this tapas date night is the spontaneity of it (plus, that’s why you have alternate choices, right?)

Happy planning!

– Esther Carlstone

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