All kids are noisy.  They make so much noise it’s likely to make your head spin once in a while.  Some parents I know are immune to the constant racket, I however am not.  There isn’t at least one time each day that I think I’m going to explode from noise overload.  It got me thinking.  Why are kids so loud?  I’ve come up with a few theories.  It’s fun.  Let’s be honest, making noise can be a lot of fun.  Especially when you see how mommy and daddy react, or strangers react, or the dog, or the people behind us in line at the grocery store.  Don’t get me started on how it can echo.  It gets attention.

I’ve noticed that when my kids need a burst of mommy attention, they tend to be louder than when they are being more independent. To nip it in the bud, I give them my undivided attention if possible.  It can be used as a defense mechanism.  When my daughter was younger she was afraid of the dark.  Even in the car after nightfall gave her goosebumps.  She used to sing at the top of her lungs about not being scared, and bright sun shiny days.  Her noise then helped her cope with her fears.

Little ones don’t understand how to regulate emotions.  No matter the situation, my two year old is loud when he is excited.  The more his excitement grows, the more his volume escalates.  Perhaps he just loses his self control a little when he gets excited.  Kids love to learn. My kids will beat on any object within their reach to see what kind of a noise it will make.  They are inquisitive about their world and want to understand more about it.

Now that I have really sat and thought about all the reasons my kids are loud, it makes it much easier to deal with. It has also made me get a little loud sometimes too.  I can see where they are coming from just a smidge. That, plus some Tylenol make for a happier mommy.

-Stephanie Wright

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