The most fun thing about being pregnant for me is planning the nursery.  I love to decorate, and by admission l like to shop.  I can tell you how the cost of the nursery can get out of hand fast.  All of those cute accessories you see online that perfectly coordinate are fantastic, but expensive.  Besides, who wants a nursery right out of a box?  Instead use those are a guide to customize your rooms.

When decorating for my daughter’s nursery I went with bumblebees.  I couldn’t afford all the goodies I saw at Babies ‘R’ Us but think I managed okay anyway.  I looked at all the pictures of the room on the website with all of their bee accessories.  I found that a quick trip to the local hobby store helped to make quick and easy decorations for a fraction of the cost.  And they will be unique to your child and your child’s room.  Dollar store frames, spray paint, and some creativity can truly replicate any fancy decoration you see.  The picture I used for inspiration had these beautiful canvases hanging from ribbons, and cute little bumble bees on them.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some paint, ribbon, and canvas.  I figured it couldn’t be too hard to draw a bee.  I was right.  And I was able to add personal touches like her name to the pictures.  I was able to match the ribbon perfectly to other accessories in the room including my one splurge, the bumble bee bumpers for her crib. I also went with a more neutral room color than the traditional pink or purple.  Both colors look cute against her light green walls, and she can change things out as her tastes grow and still have them match the room.

-Stephanie Wright

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