Going into the baby superstores while expecting is like a deer walking into the forest with a target sign on their back.  Sales people see you and think, “Ha! Easy sale over there!”  It shouldn’t be that way, but baby stuff is a huge market.  Every year parents, first timers, and veterans alike, spend millions. 

What do you really need for baby?  Let’s think about it.  You need a safe place for them to sleep.  Things like cribs and crib mattresses have to pass safety codes.  So, as long as it’s not a brand that is known for being recalled, you should be safe.  Yes, that means you can buy the $20 mattress over the $200 one.  Both of my kids slept on the $20 mattress and neither has neck, back, or any other problems. 

You need something for your baby to eat.  Okay, so if you’re breast feeding, that’s easy.  If you bottle feed that means you need a bottle.  Singular.  Sure having a bunch will make your life easier, but we are talking strictly necessity. 

Changing tables.  These are so expensive for being a table.  With my first child we got the beautiful dresser diaper change combo deal.  But, that’s upstairs.  Sometimes it is so much easier to change a diaper downstairs.  On the floor, on my bed.  Wherever is convenient.  Again, it’s not something you need

Car seats on the other hand are more important.  Can’t argue with that one. 

I am by no means telling you not to buy these things, I’m more just suggesting that you look analytically at what is needed versus what is hype.  Like the Pack and Play that comes with vibration features and plays 30 songs.  Really?  Do you think you’re newborn cares if the songs repeat?

-Stephanie Wright

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