iStock_spaghettisquashWe’re limiting our carbs and we aren’t ashamed. There, we said it. Starting this post with a proclamation of our current food intake is just something we had to do.

Listen, we know that cutting out certain things completely or doing fad diets is a bad idea. We’re the worst offender when it comes to this but we’re trying to change that. South Beach diet? Done it. 1200 calorie per day with green tea and water intermixed to lose 15lbs in a month diet? Been there. Gain all that weight back plus 10 more pounds as a punishment for being too extreme and then getting lazy? Yup. That’s pretty much where we are at right now.

We don’t want to advocate any sort of extreme diet or exercise regime because these days it seems everyone is body obsessed and it’s having a negative effect on our society and our younger generations. No one should have to think about how they look

Instead we want to share the new recipes we are trying, or that we want to try, that encourage eating well, and enjoying food that makes our bodies feel good on the INSIDE!

The latest thing we’ve come across as a sub for a carb dish we love is spaghetti squash. It seems pretty simple. Take a squash, roast it in the oven and scrape out the inside which creates a spaghetti like substance that you can throw some marinara sauce on. Here is an easy recipe for you to try out. Throw some turkey meatballs on top and you are set for a nice healthy meal.

The reason we are cutting down our carb intake? Diabetes runs in our family and certain carbs quickly turn into sugar in your body and effect your glycemic index, which is unsafe for diabetics or those prone to diabetes.

Does that mean eliminate carbs completely? No, but limiting it is definitely a good idea for our family and we want to increase our chances of having a nice healthy life for as long as possible.

What ways are you clean eating these days?

-Sasha Huff

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