By now, some of you are treasure-hunting pros at turning something old into something new, but for you non-designer-thimble-challenged gals, there are options that are SO easy, and yet still incredibly fashionable.  For example, turning old jeans (or bonus! thrifted jeans) into effortlessly fashionable cut-offs, is something that everyone can whet their fashion up-cycling whistle with.  And because spring-summer-transition-time is shorts time, (aiy pale legs) and because it is incredibly economical to DIY, what better time to start than now?

Pull out your needle, thread, fabric scissors and a few other tools, because we’re getting crafty.

What you need:

One pair of shorts you love (their length is flattering on YOUR hips, butts, and legs).

An old pair of jeans with a good rise (thrift stores are rife with old Levis)

Fabric Scissors

Tailor’s Chalk

Straight Pins

The cut.  You need to cut at an angle for the most flattering hem. Start with a pair of shorts you already love as the template.  Align the crotches of both pairs and pin the inseams with your handy straight pins.

Mark on the jeans where the bottom of the shorts hem hits with a dotted chalk line.

Take your scissors and cut about ½ inch below the dotted line.  Throw them in the washer, then drier.  They will shrink.

Now adorn with your fashion specifics.  My personal favorite at the moment: The Southwestern.  To fashion patches on to one side of your short requires a bit of skill with a sewing machine, but there is a much easier solution.

Take your new homemade cutoffs.  Dip about ½ into bleach.  Find a pattern you like and paint it, or draw it with permanent marker, on the desired area.  Forget bobbins and threading the needle, and strut your new designs.


-Arianna Schioldager

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