As a mom you never know what you are going to face from day to day. Things often catch me by surprise, and I am left unprepared. Or, I have everything that I need, but things are strewn throughout my diaper bag and I can’t find them when I need them. Sound like you too? You need to check out They sell fabulously cute little bags that contain everything that you might possibly need, no matter what the situation. The bag is about the size of a water bottle, and inside are sturdy plastic bags that contain the goods. All liquids are even TSA approved.

I love that it fits into my purse, or diaper bag easily and I know exactly where to find everything. I just have to wonder why in the world I did not think of this first. The best part is that you can add to the stash with things that are unique to you. For example, I have some gum, and my favorite lip gloss tucked inside.

Here is a list of things you can find in your “pikle.”

1 hand sanitizer

1 spot remover

3 individually wrapped antibacterial wipes

1 credit card size mirror and floss combo

1 pair of tweezers

1 pair of fingernail clippers

2 emery boards

1 travel size sewing kit

1 retractable mini scissors

1 24″ tailor tape

3 hair bands

5 rubber bands

5 bobby pins

5 safety pins

5 paper clips

1 philips mini screw driver

1 straight mini screw driver

1 mini pen

1 “In A Pikle” sticky notebook

10 adhesive bandages

1 package travel tissues

1 pill box

They only cost $34.95!! In my opinion you can’t put a price on this amount of genius! Refills for your “pikle” start at just $5.99. These little beauties will also make for some fantastic gifts! Perfect for the new mom who has every thing, or for the mom who is seasoned but enjoys form and function!


-Stephanie Wright

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