dresserWe love finding furniture from yard sales and thrift shops, bringing them home and then turning them into a custom piece that no one else has. There is something about turning the old into new that brings on a sense of accomplishment, and who doesn’t love a little craft project on the weekend?

For this post, we are going to give you some ideas we’ve used, as well as some things we’ve seen around the web to bring a dusty old dresser back to new with a little extra flare!

The easiest way to bring a dresser back to life is simply by changing the knobs. We know this seems too good to be true, but it really isn’t. Last year, we bought a gorgeous walnut wood dresser from a yard sale for $50. We’re talking a 6 foot, real wood, not Ikea piece of furniture, but there was one problem: someone had painted the knobs purple and it simply didn’t go with our decor. So I ran to Home Depot, picked up new knobs for under $1 a piece, and for $7 the dresser looked amazing.

If you want to take it further than that, you can put a nice stain onto it. In college, my mom found me an amazing wooden bookshelf, with matching end tables, but they were all looking a bit rough. We sanded those puppies down, picked a cherry wood stain that would match the bed, and literally made them look like they were new from the store.

The next thing is to re-paint it. You can go with bright colors, or a shabby chic white with some distressing, or find some inspiration from your favorite home furnishings decor and make it happen. We also love when people paint designs onto antique pieces, merging old style with modern touches. This is a great example.

Whether you are going funky with it, or just making small changes, putting a personal spin on your furniture will make your home a great reflection of your style.

-Sasha Huff

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