applemuffinsWe’re back with another edition of Drunk Desserts. This time, we’re taking it BACK to whiskey, but adding in some apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar to make your taste buds tingle with happiness.

This is a recipe I came up with when my brother and sister in law were making the big move to the big apple. They left LA in August, and were having a going away party, which of course, I had to bake cupcakes for. At the time, I was baking a few times a week, really experimenting with flavors on the regular.

I thought to myself, “self, what is a fun representation of New York?” To which I replied “Well, how about something Frank Sinatra related, and the Big Apple?” I patted myself on the back, and did some research.

It turns out, that Frank Sinatra’s favorite drink was whiskey, and we all know that whiskey, apples and cinnamon are a great combo, so that’s where I came up with the “Big Apple Sinatra” cupcake, and the rest is history.

Now, if you want to keep it REALLY true to Mr. Sintra’s taste, you will use Jack Daniels, as that was his whiskey of choice. However, I am a firm believer that Crown Royal is the way to go when baking with whiskey (if you have the extra cash to spare!) so that is what I ended up using.

Any apple will do, I personally chose granny smith because I wanted that tartness in my flavor, but use whatever is in season or is easiest to access at the time.

Rather than retyping the entire recipe for you, I’m going to send you over to my old baking blog, and let you have at it.

Check out the “Big Apple Sinatra” recipe here.

Happy Baking!– Sasha Huff

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