Autumn Wreath made easyLike most of us, we like to decorate for the Fall and holiday seasons. I myself love the look of an Autumnal wreath but never want to spend the $50+ that they cost in the stores. The other day it came to me, why not make one myself? I don’t usually do crafts but figured, what the heck how hard can it be? I ventured over to my nearby Michael’s Craft Store and checked out their goodies. I always liked the look of the Grapevine Wreath, so for $3.99 that was a great place to start! I wanted to use all fall colors, so I used their assorted fall floral picks. They are relatively inexpensive and I used about 10 on mine. Once you choose your décor, arrange them on the wreath before you glue, this way you can perfect where everything should go. Once you decide on the arrangement, weave the bottoms of the fall arrangements through the wreath for extra security. Then use the glue gun to glue down the branches. I placed the glue right where the branches were woven, for the security reason but also so it would blend in easily. Once you let it dry for about 30 minutes (better safe than sorry!), hang up with an over the door style wreath hanger and admire for the season!
Materials list:
Grapevine wreath (or other style that you like better)
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Fall floral picks (pumpkins, pomegranates, fall flowers)
Floral wire (if needed)
Over the door wreath hangar

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